An occasional foray…

March 27, 2012 4 comments

This is my first, vain attempt at a gaming blog. As much as anything to give me a bit more hands-on virtual experience!

Here I will be laying out my rpg-related thoughts, trivia and nonsense. With a specific emphasis on my two gaming loves – Tunnels & Trolls, and Glorantha. Both date back to the earliest days of tabletop games and to some of my earliest gaming experiences.

Tunnels & Trolls (T&T) was the second rpg ever written and published – as far as I can tell because the author, Ken St Andre, could not make head nor tail of the original Dungeons & Dragons rules!

Glorantha first appeared in the board game White Bear, Red Moon (which was later re-released as Dragon Pass) before being the default setting for Chaosium’s Runequest roleplaying game, which was one of the Big Three in the 80s (along D&D and Traveller).

So my random musings on both will be appearing here (along with anything else geek-related I may turn my head to). In addition, this blog will be the testing ground/sounding board for my latest rpg project – mixing the two above and playing in Glorantha using the T&T rule set.

Currently my train of thought is to produce a set of Glorantha-specific T&T house rules, including Runes as Talents, no character types etc, which will be a conglomerate of T&T and Runequest (with more than a touch of Heroquest thrown in). I plan to use these to run the classic Borderlands set either online or at the table. This set of adventures has the PCs play mercenaries hired by the Lunar Duke Raus of Rone as he sets up his new home in the lands he has been so “graciously” granted by the Red Emperor on the Zola Fel river. No clan questionnaire and community-support to worry about here – players can roll up whatever characters they like and have them all thrown together for some old-skool fun. As I have described it to those I have mulled over the idea with, this is going to be Glorantha as a Saturday morning cartoon!!

Stay tuned!!